1.​ Click
2. Select L​ong Application or download a 
Loan Application  
3. Create an account on the first page of the online application​          
4. Choose a loan officer from on the drop down list and proceed with the application​
5. Make a $40 payment on (payable to payee: for the Credit & Pre-Approval Fee
6. Submit income, assets and identification (A thru D below) via email to  or fax to ​866-598-9987:  

​ a. Completed the
Credit Card Auth Form  or make a payment on payment thru PayPal online ($40 charge for Pre-Approval) and Borrower's Auth Form​​ b. Last 2 Years Signed & Filed Personal/Business Tax Returns, W2, 1099, and the most recent 30 days of Pay Stubs showing YTD totals​​
c. Last 60 days of Complete Liquid Assets Statements (Checking/Savings, CD, Retirement Accounts, Stocks, etc. ...)​ d. A Clear Copy of your Current Driver's License and Social Security Card (scanned preferred) (resident alien card - front and back if applicable)

You will receive a confirmation email of the receipt of your application and required documents. You will receive a call from a PMC representative to confirm your pre-approval and they will explain to you the next steps to take for your loan approval. Once you receive your pre-approval letter you may begin shopping around for a new home!